It’s a story of two wonderful musicians: Baba Sissoko, a griot from Mali, and Mighty Mo Rodgers, a blues musician from USA. They met spontaneously in the remote land of Lithuania and discovered their Griot Blues sound. 

Magic happened. Album was born.

Griot Blues is a marriage or merging, a direct dialogue and communication (Baba and Mighty Mo sings on the same song on the whole record). Griot Blues is a new kind of music. A new genre of Blues (the Holy Howl) and African rhythms and sounds where both sides are singing “calls and responds” to one another. Creating a wonderful love affair. Blues comes back home to Africa through the “spiritual” Middle Passage. This is the first record of a three part celebration. Or homecoming. The “lost and found” are re-united through Griot Blues….music.

Next dates:



08 ~ 09 March – Salle Jean Cocteau, Clermond Ferrand.

10 March – Le Tamanoir, Genevilliers.

15 March – La Boite a Musiques, Wattrelos.

16 March – La Souris Verte, Epinal.

17 March – Portail Coucou, Salon de Provence.

18 March – El Mediator, Perpignan.

20 March – Theatre Saint-Louis, Pau.

22 March – Sortie 13, Pessa.


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Blues is music, which has existential power in it. It was given to the black people to deny the lie of their (our) nothingness. It is also the power of the energy comin’ from the Holy Howl. The black people brought to America as slaves lost everything, but out of this darkness, in the wilderness, in the diaspora came a howl. Blues came to the people as saving grace. Blues gave voice to the voiceless. 

And the Blues People, have shared their Almighty gift with the world. But in the end no one owns Blues. U can’t own Love. You can only give love away. That’s the power and glory of Blues. Blues came from the least free people and is the freest music….of all. That’s why Blues constantly reinvents itself to outrun the slave catchers of commodification. The Blues People were once a commodity. So, Blues gift… refuses to be or stay a commodity. 

You hear this resounded “freedom” in babies of blues – rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul, funk and now hip hop. Freedom, Peace, Love and Blues.

Mighty Mo Rodgers


Griot is a guardian of history and traditions. It is a natural library preciously passed throw generations with rhythm and melody.

Present in all important events and ceremonies in the village, it knows the story of all people. If there are misunderstandings between different ethnicities, families, leaders, it’s  the Griot that comes to solve the problems. It knows the role of everybody and always seeks to bring Peace. It preserves the family and gives value to the friendship.

Griot is a messenger. It brings news to the people. To all the people no matter the ethnic group or status. And when a foreigner comes to the village, it shows the way and leads a stranger to the right place. All the griot got is Love. And the weapon of this love is Music.

Griot culture is extremely rich because it has the capacity to join the peoples, different ethnicities, different traditions and cultures.

Baba Sissoko

About One Root Music

One Root Music is a music producer, record label and promoter of world music.

We can see how different cultures are but at the same time we can observe how similar they can be. In One Root Music we believe that music is a way of showing that different cultures can come together and have a conversation without mutual language, be open to each other, and become one root music.